Marco Quaresma was only 11 years old when he learned the first musical notes and how to play trumpet at the Recreio Musical Ribeirinhense Philharmonic Band. At 14, he went to the Regional Conservatory of Horta to learn how to play the organ, but quickly realized that his passion were the strings. Therefore, he finished the 6º degree of the complementary course of Classical Guitar of the Conservatory, where he would end up teaching years later.

Parallel to the Philharmonic Band and the Conservatory, Marco Quaresma went on to have other projects, such as rock bands and popular music groups, where he played the electric guitar and cavaquinho. In 1998, he was invited to join the Lira Açoriana band and to represent the Azores at Expo 98.

In 2004, Marco discovered the world of Fado after his father, Manuel Quaresma, gifted him his first Portuguese Guitar. He left the Azores the following year and moved to Porto to study in the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts.

In 2019 he went back to the Azores to work at Teatro Faialense, but it took him less than a year to return to Porto in search of new challenges. He taught Musical Expression in several school in Matosinhos for 7 seven years, while also teaching Classical and Portuguese Guitar in schools all over Porto.

Since 2014, the Portuguese Guitar has gained prominence in his professional life and Marco Quaresma has played in several venues with different musicians and Fado singers. Fado Consentido and Vila Navio are some of the projects in which he’s involved.