Born in Leça da Palmeira, Sandra started her musical path in her early years. At only eight years old, she already felt capable of mastering the bars of "Fado Rigoroso".

Conciliating her tender inclination with the studies of Chemical Engineering, she managed to win the "Great Night of Fado" in Porto.

Sandra has been taking music and singing classes for several years and has become a regular presence in the artistic panorama of the city of Porto.

She has received invitations to star in several shows, in Portugal and abroad – she has already toured in Spain, France and Switzerland -, which emphasizes her talent and her interpretive merit.

Sandra has also been part of some television shows and was invited to join the cast of the musical "Amália" by Filipe La Féria.

She has been part of the main cast of the oldest Fado house in Porto - the "Malco" – for five years now.

"To sing Fado is to convey the message of the soul. It combines the sound of the guitars with the voice. We have to let it happen ... Then we have Fado”, she says.